NBA Trade Rumors (1st January): LA Clippers want Baynes, Memphis hold on to Iguodala, and more

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, a lot of teams will start playing their cards.

Some of the NBA teams believe they can make a last push to the playoffs while others think they can win a championship. The want of these teams? One single trade move, and landing them with a player who can carry them forward in the postseason.

Some of the latest movements in the market are listed below.

1) LA Clippers are interested in Aron Baynes

The Clippers are one of the title contenders this year, and they don’t want to lose any loophole in the lineup that can cost them the Championship.

One such concern with the Clippers is a good player in the paint after Montreal Harrell. Ivica making no sense in the lineup which is apparent from his decreased playing time. So to address this issue, Clippers are going in after Aron Baynes of the Phoenix Suns.

Baynes will be a great addition to the squad, but the Suns have a completely different story to offer. Keep on reading.

2) The Suns want to make a playoff push

The Phoenix Suns stand at the 10th place in the West and still believe that they can make it to the playoffs. So instead of trading their assets, the Suns are trying to make some addition here who can help them get that late push. Kevin Love and  Danilo Gallinari are the probable targets for them.

According to the latest reports, the Suns are more interested in going after Danilo Gallinari rather than Kevin Love, because of the financial burden which love would carry with himself.

3) Memphis all in for Andre Iguodala.

Memphis Grizzlies have made quite a progress in a quest for Adre Iguodala.

An executive with the team said the following according to a report by BR:

We will trade him, period,” an executive with the team said. “We’ve gone far enough into the structure of deals with more than one team to say that “

It is clear now that Memphis are the front runner for Iggy and not the Dallas Mavericks. Mavs were speculated to run for Iggy as well but it is not the case.

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