NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Durant reportedly recruiting players to the Knicks

Kevin Durant will miss the Game 1 against the Blazers in the Western Conference Finals tonight, and there have been speculations of him missing the second game as well. But it is not his injury report I am going to discuss here in this piece but his future.

KD is reportedly on the verge of moving to New York and has already started recruiting players to the Knicks. Yes, you heard me right.

This info comes from Colin Cowherd whose exact statement is given below:

“An NBA veteran player that’s very, very connected told me 15 minutes ago: KD to the Knicks is 100% done and he’s made calls to other players.”

Check out the whole video below:

So if Colin’s source is correct, we might see Durant in the Knicks’ uniform next season. But where does that leave the Golden State Warriors?

The Warriors calmly defeated the Rockets in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, a game where they had to play without Kevin Durant. They looked in a great groove and Klay and Curry both seemed to be enjoying themselves out there.

They play the Blazers tonight again in the absence of Durant, and it would be exciting to see how this game pans out. The Warriors will undoubtedly be excellent without KD as they have been all these years but him being on the team gives them an extra edge.

Durant will have ultimate domination on the team with the Knicks, and if Irving decides to join him too, then we might see another superpower making an entry the next season.

However, these are mere speculations, and nothing can be as such concluded to be final. For now, we should enjoy the conference finals and watch the Warriors take on the Blazers tonight without Kevin Durant.

Check out the preview, analysis, injury report and starting lineups of the game tonight-> HERE.

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