NBA Rumors: Will Kyrie Irving make way for Anthony Davis?

Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and the young Celtics’ squad was a combination expected to go down in the history books of the franchise two years ago. However, this is life, and sometimes things don’t come out how you expect them to pan out.

Last season saw Gordon Hayward go down with a career-threatening ankle injury right at the start along with Kyrie also facing trouble with his knee. Although Hayward returned this season, he was never the same as he was before the injury. He averaged 11.5 points and 4.5 rebounds this season, shooting at 46.6% from the field. With the contract he possesses, he has become a liability rather an asset for the management.

It will be unfair to blame Kyrie Irving for everything that Celtics are facing right now. The man tried his best, led the team averaging 23.8 points and 6.9 assists, shooting at the rate of 48.7% from the field. Offensively, there is no better point guard than him, but is he a better leader? Is he the future of Boston Celtics?

The Celtics’ rout by the Milwaukee Bucks in Eastern Conference Semi-finals might be an indication that Kyrie is not the future of the Boston Celtics. There have been reports about Celtics thinking about Anthony Davis. But what is Davis’ perspective on this?

According to David Aldridge of the Athletic:

I’ve heard that Davis wouldn’t completely rule out staying with the Celtics without Irving, but the odds of him re-upping in that scenario are significantly lower.

With an early playoff exit, the Celtics’ management will be weighing their options. The future of Celtics and Irving looks gloomy, and the guard might make way this summer. The Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks have been speculated as to the franchises who seem interested in him.

These are all speculations for now, but it would be interesting to watch what moves the Celtics will make this summer.

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