Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors- In-depth analysis

Boston Celtics: The truth is out, somebody needs to stand up beside Irving

The Celtics might have lost, but they have important learnigs to take away from the game against the Warriors. Let's take you through the the prevailing problem which needs to be fixed for the Boston Celtics.

A lot of hype surrounded the clash between the Warriors and the Celtics last night. And I can now say, it was worth it!

The Celtics lost to the Warriors in a game that went down to the wire. Kyrie Irving had another huge game scoring 32 points and ten assists but was unable to take them home in the final minutes.

The Prevailing Problem:

Celtics throwing the ball at Irving during the last few minutes has been a common trend this season. He has been carrying them game after game, but it was not the case against the Warriors.

A team like Warriors does not give margins for errors to the opposition. Moreover, their rotation on the defensive end makes it tough to get closer the basket.

The best thing which the Celtics can take away from the match is that somebody needs to stand up with Irving. He has been a lone warrior carrying the weight of the team. The other players have to take up initiative during those crunch situations and take some burden off his shoulders.

If they need to beat a team like the Warriors, everybody needs to be at the highest level of their game.

Who needs to step up?

Let’s start with Jayson Tatum, a guy who was training with Kobe the last offseason and improving his mid-court jumpers. He has been unimpressive for the large part of the season till now. He scored 14 points in the third quarter of the last game, but could only score 6 points in the rest of the three quarters combined.

When we talk about Marcus Morris, he scored just 9 points against the Warriors and missed a majority of his shots from the field. He has been cold this month and needs contribute more if they want to stand a chance against the tough teams in the league.

Another player who is having a hard time this season is the comeback boy, Gordon Hayward. Hayward is not the same athlete he used to be and need a lot of time to get his game back physically as well as mentally. Last game saw him finish with just two points and missing all his shots from the field.

The Graph for Jaylen Brown and Al Horford has also taken a considerable dip from the last season. Both of them have been struggling with some injuries this season. Although they are back in the squad, still, their presence is not felt on the scoring sheet as it used to last year. However, I want to mention that Al Horford has been the best out of the lot after his return from the injury, and we would love to see him playing his full self soon.

The squad need to stand up:

The Celtics might have lost the game the Warriors, but have essential learnings to take from it. They now know which areas they need to focus more. If they want to beat a champion team like the Warriors, the squad has to stand up together.

We hope they get another chance to host the Warriors this season.

Pic Credits: Erik Drost (liscence)

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